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Crystal Comics TV
for best results on the Crystal Comics TV
please wait until upload is complete

Anime fan? Still being ripped off and buying tapes $20 each? Go to Soyokaze Fansubs and check it out there. Or if you want anything about anime go to Anipike.com, they pretty much have anything and everything you need.

Crystal Comics - April 3rd - April Fool's Special: Think Again! Carrot!

New Map Releases!!! Last updated: 01/28/02
The Lost Soul - Version 1.1
This map was made by .{TM}. and one of the new maps out there. I did not play it myself yet but I am hoping for good results later on. Click here to download!
Click on these other new maps to download!
Cat and Mouse v.Final
Changeling v. 1.3
Crash RPG v.8
Haunted Amusement Part v.2
Obstacle Course v.Final
Snowbound 2
Worms v. 1.79
For other old maps and my highest rating maps just go to the Archives. Search for maps by there letters at the top of the Archives pages, note that some of them are not reviewed or not posted up yet. Currently I am only finished up to the "F" lettered maps.

Updated since: 02/28/02

Limited bandwidth from Tripod is hitting hard! Please limit your downloads if you can. Limiting downloads and bandwidth use will allow other people to download what they want off the site ^_^
King of Chaos
Gather your troops to fight the coming horde! Fight your way to the top. Challenge your destiny. Secure your place. Become the King of Chaos.
In other terms it's a game based on fantasy (similar to LotR). It's an all out war where you can either play solo or team. Click on the following link to join in the game, and click continue once window loads. Join The War!
Submit artwork, screen shots, comic ideas to Odin365000@yahoo.com
Click here to go to

Web Site News
Author Message Date
Lord0din Since i can't run this site anymore, due to the lack of BANDWIDTH :), i guess you guys just have to deal with it. Well otherwise you can just visit another site right here 10/27/02
Lord0din D, E, F... well lets just say most of the maps are down, also comics in the main page too. I'm extremely sorry to you guys who are looking for the maps. (added an hour later orignal post: Tools and Tutorial are down too) Maybe you could see my new homepage once i find i host. Maybe next time... 05/20/02
Lord0din After a long battle with Tripod it looks like it's coming to an end. If you can even see this message that all (which you shouldn't because tripod shut down my site) I have lost the fight. Tripod is going to delete my site after 30 days (which started 2 days ago). So i'm really sorry but i have to abandon ship and save whatever i can right now. Currently Map Sections A-C are down. Comics section is down. Any map in the Archives Hall of Fame that starts with the letter A, B, or C is also down. Err... what else is also down... well i think that is it for now. "See you next time Space Cowboy!" 05/18/02
Lord0din Sorry again for more pop-up ads haha. Anyways i changed the site a bit to save loading time. Ads would be out the way and i hope this saves some bandwidth. Anyhow sorry for having to edit the site without disabling first but it wasn't down that long ^^ enjoy what you can see now before tripod shuts it down for another 2hrs 04/08/02
Lord0din Sorry for the pop-up ads. It seems tripod is forcing that on with the other bunch of ads now a days with the bandwidth "allotment" which god knows when it would reset. Probably never since it keeps shutting down my site three to five times a day since February 20th. 03/12/02
Lord0din New Screenshots from Warcraft III! At the Comic section ^_^ 02/28/02
Lord0din Welcoming new staff member Chachonie, which joined on Feb the 3rd. He would be on the art work department, but mostly comics I'm guessing. 02/05/02
Lord0din Over 250 map files up. Lets celebrate with sake (sweet sweet rice wine)! Anyways I just added a small section on the main page, which is this current page, that just has a download for most of the current maps playing (good ones that is) Download them here because you either are missing them, getting booting everytime, or all games are full haha. I also have other versions of it. Even version that overwrite each other ^_^, but to avoid confusion I just have the lastest version of that map up there. 01/28/02
Lord0din "F" Maps now done and ready for downloads! Enjoy ^_^ 01/20/02
Lord0din "F" Maps are underconstruction, that means the download links aren't up yet. So don't send me mail saying that the downloads aren't working for the F maps. 01/15/02
Lord0din "E" Maps are up... good night... 12/27/01
Lord0din I thought since the Rockefeller Center's Christmas Tree, why not just post update my comic. Even though it's not even December yet... umm it's still good to have up. For the replays, i don't think i have good enough ones to post up, so you guys still have to wait. For the maps, there isn't any progress so for. And for that poll on the left, i'm going to update any second right now. 11/28/01
Lord0din Fixed the broken link for StarDraft in the tools section, you can download it again now if you still need it ^_^ 11/27/01
Lord0din Happy Halloween everyone! Make sure to travel in groups and carry hand weapons incase of attacks haha just kidding. Just don't ring my door bell more than three times or i will peg you with a rock 10/31/01
Lord0din I did half of the "D" section. Good thing they are mostly different versions of the game ^_^ that means I don't have to review that many different maps just the general version *whew*. And notice i didn't review any of them also enjoy our halloween comics! 10/30/01
Lord0din Celebrating ^_^ we finally rated over 100 maps(not counting different versions), and now for the next 754 files heh... *cries* Okay here is the plan, I upload all of them first and then review them. Saves me time and you guys get more maps to download from. 10/16/01
Lord0din I'm done with the 'C' section, now I'm going to sleep. Nite all! 10/15/01
Supreme A month since the September 11th attacks. Thought I'd relay the word - I'll be working on some of the comics I have in mind (finished some of em already, too lazy to put em together... too busy, actually). I'll put em up ASAP. No time to work on the Ne0bot either. If ya need anything, e-mail me now, cause I'm actually checking my e-mail for the first time. (Note: Add 'SCMMS' in the Subject.) 10/11/01
Supreme On September 28th, the ZDS Server was shut down. That's the server that hosts every binary bot I can find. Well, I have one more bot that still works, but the help file is confusing and doesn't explain much. I'll have it up when I can fix it. Sorry for all you clan warrers. On other news, there is a team replay bug, on which the game does not recognize the multiple amount of players in one team, and sends them into 2 different areas, which further creates AI errors. End result; nothing you do actually happens. That took away from a replay I was going to bring here, but, oh well. Have fun. 09/30/01
Lord0din What shame, well I don't like hold grudges but there are just some people out there that are the same as Thomas Hobbes described. Hobbes is a Enlightment thinker, ya most of you don't know what I'm talking about but he said "...people were naturally cruel, greedy, and selfish. If not strictly controlled, they would fight, rob, and oppress one another." Even thought I say he is wrong and disapprove of this, sometimes I think his theory is more true than we want to believe. So are we brutes? I hope not. Check the Comics section for a replays and screen shots. 09/21/01
Supreme Ok, I believe the message board finally works. Click here to go to it, or head there through the links page. For those that celebrated it, hope you had a fun Rosh Hashanah (I better have had spelled that right). Til next time, take care. 09/20/01
Lord0din Half way done with the maps, sorry about taking so long I don't seem to want to review all these maps. Half of them aren't that high in quality. One more thing, I got more space from another hosting site but I'm not sure if the link would work but we will see if that's true sooner or later. 09/20/01
Supreme Yeah, 2 day vacation :) For all you celebrating the holidays, have fun. I'm going to start collecting map editing tutorials and programs from various sites. I might link to some other sites that aren't full of stuff like map hacks (I'm not putting up map hacks either). There's a bot up in the archives, ZdsBot3. Have fun with that bot, if you need any help, just contact me. I'll be putting up a message board soon, so look at the homepage (this page you're on right now) for the link. And again, have a good time for all you celebrating... and those that have a short vacation. 09/17/01
Lord0din Planning to rate all the letted C maps I have tomorrow since I have a two day vacation after that ^_^ Anyways I hope you guys are enjoying what is up right now. 09/16/01
Lord0din I got some screen shots up, it's under the comics section. Go there and click on Screen Shots and you will see all the ones I got up so far and descriptions. There aren't that many because not a lot of people submitted their screen shots to me so just enjoy the ones that are up now. 09/15/01
Lord0din From demand I would try to get some more comics up in the comic section since I havenít been working on that much lately. Also pictures and/or screen shots, if you are interested in making up comics or have any ideas, please send it to Odin365000@yahoo.com and label it so I know it isnít junk mail. That also goes for screen shots you want to submit. Credit would be given out to whoever sent the mail or whoever you want the credit to be given to. 09/12/01
Lord0din Oh my god, it doesn't seem like it even happened. The Twin Towers, the World Trade Center just gone. Just like that two hijacked planes crashed into each one of it. There might be a few different stories out there, just stick to the news. My brother is stuck in the city now, not sure about my mom but she should be fine getting back home if the highway is going to reopen. Some connection to the internet is down and so is television but I still can't believed this happen even when I'm right next to it. 09/11/01
Lord0din Trying to pump up some more hits, if you want me to be added on the Mini-Toolbar link just mail me. Click on my name on the top and we'll work something out. There is alway an open voting poll 24/7 up there in the upper left corner, click to vote :) Also I edited the Link section, so check it out for some really good sites or games. 09/05/01
Supreme Hey. I'm asking you to go to
Support me and play some addictive games!
Go here daily if you have the time. Thanks.
Lord0din 7:50PM B section done, go into the archives and click on "B" to get to the B maps :) MEMO Only A and B are done. 08/03/01
Lord0din If you want to email me, once again my address has changed, mail your stuff to Odin365000@yahoo.com Also I have started to review all my "B" games. To be short I have over 50 maps to review under that. It's seems endless but that's my job :) 08/03/01
Lord0din Remember one the A section is done, no other section is completed yet beside the regular one that loads up. Clicking on the other letters would bring you to the comics section. One more thing, there won't be much change for awhile because my computer doesn't have internet access and this comp doesn't have any maps on it. So therefore I can't really do much than type things :) Also I'm playing diablo 2 more now a days. 07/31/01
Lord0din 11:25PM EST, Well I finally finished uploading the A section of the archives. Get there by going into the archives and clicking on "A". It's on the top with all the other letters. It contains all the maps that I have that starts with the letter A, duh :) 07/10/01
Lord0din Starting on the "A" lettered maps. It should be done with short reviews but I don't remember the maps too well because they are soo old :) Anyways I'm halfway done with the reviews and upload shouldn't take that long. You should find it in the A section of the archives once I'm done. 07/10/01
Lord0din I'm adding javascript onto the site. Now I might run into some trouble but it all should work out. Enjoy the fireworks tonight :) (10mins later) Uh ya, the javascript all should work but I don't know what's wrong, but it should be fixed sooner or later. (the icons on the left should glow when you hold you're mouse over them) (2mins later) Alright, alright I fixed it, actually it was just fine, you just have to wait til the image loads up, but i'll figure a way to fix that too, so hold your mouse over the image on the left and wait a few seconds. 07/04/01
Lord0din Due to the new patch that has been out. Some of the editing tools aren't working as well as it should. The StarDraft program may have some trouble loading. Also the SCM/SCX Protector isn't working at all. The "Import.exe." isn't able to load, but color still works fine. The GUEdit is also used to protect maps, it seems to be working fine but i didn't check it all out quite yet, just keep this in mind. 06/30/01
Lord0din All systems running and we are ready to go! Ha I'm back online, computer problem fixed and I'm uploading a few maps; Firebat Tag, Archon Tag, Creep Tag, and Gone in 60 seconds. Enjoy! One more thing, my e-mail address is switched by to ADZero@aol.com so don't mail to Uieced@aol.com anymore. 06/21/01
Lord0din Last day of school, and since the last few weeks my computer won't boot up. Don't expect any changes for the next 2 weeks until my computer is fixed and I am able to get on the internet. Mean while look over the stuff that's around here, I'll try to change the poll if I have enough time now. (At school) 06/13/01
Lord0din School coming to an end. That means finals and tons of test and homework. So don't expect much change for awhile. Well I'll see you guys later. 05/16/01
Lord0din Added Blob Tag and all the versions I have for it, totals up to seven. I recommend downloading enhanced version of blob tag, because it's the best one I've played. Enjoy the game and play it with your friends. 04/14/01
Lord0din I found the file for the colored text, it's available in the Tools section of the site. All instructions to use the color text is in the file. Also Supreme should have added a new map in the archives, go check it out. 04/11/01
Lord0din I just posted up my standard Turtorial. I couldn't wait any longer, so if you have any other questions just e-mail me. 04/05/01
Lord0din Sorry about the delay on the Turtorial, I promise him that he could write it up, so just wait until it uploaded. Sorry again for your inconvenience. GU Edit, a new game tool, is avavailable in the Map Tools section. This program helps you protect any time of maps from other people, so they can't edit it again. 03/26/01
LordSupreme KEEP NAPSTER ALIVE! Millions of users have been sharing Napster for years. We need it to stay up? Even with the hundreds of thousands of people helping out, Napster is slowly losing. WE NEED YOUR HELP! http://www.napster.com/speakout 03/22/01
Lord0din Looking ahead, we will have a section to help newbies in map making. Of course there will be tips and trouble shooting problems. Send your other questions to me if it isn't answered on the site. If I haven't learned anything you don't know in all the years I have been playing Starcraft, I guess that you already mastered it. 03/21/01
Lord0din A few new maps have been uploaded to the archive. Also supreme designed some signature for everyone. Magnus is still out and there is still a few bugs I have to fix on the new design, because of the pop up ad is really just getting in the way i have to find a way to fit the ad in with the design. Well enjoy what we have so far. 03/12/01
Lord0din I'm just wonder what you people like most about this site, post it up in the guestbook. Anyways I'll be making up some new comics soon if I have the free time. Seems like Magnus is laying back on the News section, but I'll give him a break. If you are bored and just want to play something else besides starcraft, I recommend Diablo 2. It's addictive but may get boring after awhile but it is fun, without all the hacks and crap that screwed over Diablo. 02/20/01
Lord0din I put up stardraft, it seems like it's impossible to find but I found it. It's about 2MB I think that is why I'm not able to upload it to the server, so download it fast before the links break again. Three new reviews are up in the archives; Room Wars, Offensive Strike, and Four Square. 02/07/01
Lord0din I fixed the archives, you should be able to download any of the maps now that wasn't working before. Remember if there are any bugs PLEASE report it. Also if there is any map you really want and can't find it, I might have it, well I have been playing starcraft ever since it came out and played almost all the ums out there. Map Tools if you haven't seen it yet will be including almost everything you need for making your own map, that is still under construction. For the new design, I'm just too tied up to fix all the bugs in it so there will be a long wait until it comes out. 02/05/01
Lord0din Forward any mail you want to sent to me to Uieced@aol.com until furter notice. Don't forget to tag it with the letters "MMS". 01/31/01
Lord0din We got a new poll up and also a few new maps in the archives. I think the guestbook is broken. The poll on the right should change every week or so, I'll post the results somewhere when I get the chance. 01/30/01
Lord0din Today we had Magnus join our staff, he is the reporter where he gets to write the news and tell you guys what is happening on b.net. I hope you guys won't get mad if I switch to pop up ADs. I know it's innoying and drives everyone crazy but inorder for the new degisn to look nice we need the pop up ADs unless if you want to to look like the way it is in the Magic Section. Please send your opinion to me or post it in the guestbook. 01/19/01
Lord0din I'm running into a few problems with the new design so there will be a delay with the switch, go to the Magic section to view the new design if I could upload the data you will be able to view it. Also yesterday Lord Supreme joined the staff, he would be doing the archives updates and reviews. 01/16/01
Lord0din Working on new site design, and trust me it will look better once I' done with it, I'm trying it in the testing page I'll post it up some time so you could have a quick view at it. Also to tell you the new comics finally uploaded. 01/11/01
Lord0din Happy New Year everybody! I couldn't upload the comics on this computer because it's going so slow so you will have to wait. Meanwhile feel free to e-mail me any questions or request and tag the mail with the right title, if you forgot it's ~MMS~. 01/02/01
Lord0din Three new comic strips for you guys and gals :) Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kawanzza, and have a great winter vacation! I'll be taking a break for christmas so if you want anything either mail it to ADZero@aol.com or Odin365000@yahoo.com, don't forget to ADD this to the title your mail, MMS Questions or Comments. 12/21/00
Lord0din Too HOT to handle! Well school is starting to kill me and the website isn't my first priority. I'm working on more comics and still looking for more people to visit the site. I'll try to get some more people working on this site, so far it's only me. The current news on ums isn't doing so well. As you could see there isn't too many new map and starting to get boring. 12/20/00
Lord0din If you want to mail me anything please remember to place on the mail title: SCM and then the title you want. If you don't do that I might delete it because I delete a lot of junk mail or you could send it to Odin365000@yahoo.com but I don't go to that one too often. 11/06/00
Lord0din Well the archives are fixed now you could download the map you want. Enjoy it! 10/31/00
Lord0din Well I had enough time to make an animated comic. Hope you enjoy it
Also there's a clan website if you want to join visit it at homestead.com
Lord0din Hit into some problems so I'll just try to fix it. The only two section active now is this "Home" and "Archive". So enjoy whats up and running now I'll get the comics up as soon as possible. The links will be up next week, I hope. School going to start on September 6 so things will slow down from there because of all the work :(. 8/28/00
Lord0din Starting to create the comics section of the site. The archives are going to take a while to finish. I wrote the comic by myself and made the whole comics by myself. I hope you enjoy the comics. 8/27/00
Lord0din Brand New off the game Diablo 2. Notice those pictures on the left well you my notice this is how you look like in the chat rooms on battle net while playing Diablo 2. Starcraft players wouldn't be able to see these in their battle net. 8/26/00
Lord0din I started to make the archive section of this website. So far I got most of the good maps up so go check it out and download the ones you want. The archives will later be sorted in alphabetic order and by their ranks. I hope i will get another friend to rank some maps for me but check it out and look around maybe you will find something you like. 8/25/00
Lord0din Completely turn over to html to make the website in a different way. The guides to make the website is pissing me off. I stopped with all the crap they try to help out and figure out this is the fastest way to make a website. Even if it's harder I prefer this over the other programs. 8/24/00